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Jump-6 Map for 0134 / Trojan_Reach Sector

1234S234 (M) Jump!
1135S135 (M) Jump!
13233Caravanserai (The_Beyond / P) Jump!
2132S132 (M) Jump!
2335S335 (M) Jump!
2232S232 (M) Jump!
23235Sevenohfurr (The_Beyond / P) Jump!
33035Aslani'i (The_Beyond / P) Jump!
33032Hezar Mun (The_Beyond / P) Jump!
3336S336 (M) Jump!
33236Larimoor (The_Beyond / P) Jump!
3332S332 (M) Jump!
3236Ftaokh (M) Jump!
33033Alhazred (The_Beyond / P) Jump!
4130S130 (I) Jump!
4536S536 (M) Jump!
42935Barton (The_Beyond / P) Jump!
4534S534 (M) Jump!
43137Boeing (The_Beyond / P) Jump!
42934Darabghird (The_Beyond / P) Jump!
4431S431 (M) Jump!
42933Tessla (The_Beyond / P) Jump!
5129S129 (I) Jump!
5139S139 (M) Jump!
5229Hreahrya (I) Jump!
52835Sdravstoycha (The_Beyond / P) Jump!
5633S633 (M) Jump!
53138Khatai (The_Beyond / P) Jump!
52834Miracle (The_Beyond / P) Jump!
53030Near Farquhar (The_Beyond / L) Jump!
5430S430 (I) Jump!
5338S338 (M) Jump!
5531S531 (M) Jump!
52832Hoelle VII (The_Beyond / P) Jump!
6329S329 (I) Jump!
62735Murv (The_Beyond / P) Jump!
6429S429 (I) Jump!
63038Khur be Tesh. (The_Beyond / P) Jump!
6530S530 (I) Jump!
62938Ralf (The_Beyond / P) Jump!
63129Here (The_Beyond / L) Jump!
628370.5 Phast (The_Beyond / P) Jump!
62732Codominium-BIV (The_Beyond / P) Jump!
63228Graffin (The_Beyond / L) Jump!

0134 Trade World Information (GURPS Far Trader)

Tradeworld NameJumpWTNBTNRoute TypeCredits/YrDtons/YrDtons/WkDtons/DayPassengers/Yr
S234 (M)137.5-50M-100M5K-10K100-50010-50500-1K
S135 (M)126.5-5M-10M500-1K10-500-550-100
Caravanserai (The_Beyond / P)137.5-50M-100M5K-10K100-50010-50500-1K
S132 (M)237-10M-50M1K-5K50-1005-10100-500
S335 (M)23.57.5-50M-100M5K-10K100-50010-50500-1K
S232 (M)23.57.5-50M-100M5K-10K100-50010-50500-1K
Sevenohfurr (The_Beyond / P)259Feeder1G-5G100K-500K5K-10K100-50010K-50K
Aslani'i (The_Beyond / P)358.5Minor500M-1G50K-100K1K-5K50-10010K-50K
Hezar Mun (The_Beyond / P)34.58Minor100M-500M10K-50K500-1K10-501K-5K
S336 (M)34.58Minor100M-500M10K-50K500-1K10-501K-5K
Larimoor (The_Beyond / P)347-10M-50M1K-5K50-1005-10100-500
S332 (M)33.57-10M-50M1K-5K50-1005-10100-500
Ftaokh (M)35.59Feeder1G-5G100K-500K5K-10K100-50010K-50K
Alhazred (The_Beyond / P)34.58Minor100M-500M10K-50K500-1K10-501K-5K
S130 (I)42.56-1M-5M100-5005-10010-50
S536 (M)43.57-10M-50M1K-5K50-1005-10100-500
Barton (The_Beyond / P)43.57-10M-50M1K-5K50-1005-10100-500
S534 (M)41.55-100K-500K10-50000-5
Boeing (The_Beyond / P)458Minor100M-500M10K-50K500-1K10-501K-5K
Darabghird (The_Beyond / P)436.5-5M-10M500-1K10-500-550-100
S431 (M)42.56-1M-5M100-5005-10010-50
Tessla (The_Beyond / P)4-0.52.5-500-1K0000
S129 (I)52.56-1M-5M100-5005-10010-50
S139 (M)52.56-1M-5M100-5005-10010-50
Hreahrya (I)55.59Feeder1G-5G100K-500K5K-10K100-50010K-50K
Sdravstoycha (The_Beyond / P)536-1M-5M100-5005-10010-50
S633 (M)536.5-5M-10M500-1K10-500-550-100
Khatai (The_Beyond / P)536.5-5M-10M500-1K10-500-550-100
Miracle (The_Beyond / P)53.56.5-5M-10M500-1K10-500-550-100
Near Farquhar (The_Beyond / L)51.55-100K-500K10-50000-5
S430 (I)53.57-10M-50M1K-5K50-1005-10100-500
S338 (M)525.5-500K-1M50-1000-505-10
S531 (M)536.5-5M-10M500-1K10-500-550-100
Hoelle VII (The_Beyond / P)54.58Minor100M-500M10K-50K500-1K10-501K-5K
S329 (I)64.57.5-50M-100M5K-10K100-50010-50500-1K
Murv (The_Beyond / P)61.54.5-50K-100K5-10000
S429 (I)625-100K-500K10-50000-5
Khur be Tesh. (The_Beyond / P)625-100K-500K10-50000-5
S530 (I)625-100K-500K10-50000-5
Ralf (The_Beyond / P)61.54.5-50K-100K5-10000
Here (The_Beyond / L)63.56.5-5M-10M500-1K10-500-550-100
0.5 Phast (The_Beyond / P)60.53.5-5K-10K0000
Codominium-BIV (The_Beyond / P)63.56-1M-5M100-5005-10010-50
Graffin (The_Beyond / L)646.5-5M-10M500-1K10-500-550-100