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System Detail: (Binary system)

Main Star Data

System Orbital Table

Distance:0 AU0.56 AU0.73 AU0.92 AU1.28 AU2 AU3.44 AU6.32 AU12.08 AU23.6 AU
Body:star K4 VGas GiantMainWorldPlanetPlanetPlanetPlanetAsteroid BeltAsteroid BeltGas Giant
Details - H2E486461-4Icy Core.Rocky Core. 6 Sats.Icy Core. 10 Sats.Icy Core. 5 Sats.PoorAverage.Hi-RAD
1 G Time: D:2 H:10H:28H:0H:29D:2 H:2D:3 H:5D:4 H:17D:6 H:18D:9 H:15D:13 H:16
2 G Time: H:41H:20H:0H:21H:36D:2 H:6D:3 H:7D:4 H:18D:6 H:19D:9 H:16
3 G Time: H:33H:16H:0H:17H:29H:44D:2 H:17D:3 H:21D:5 H:13D:7 H:21
4 G Time: H:29H:14H:0H:14H:25H:38D:2 H:8D:3 H:9D:4 H:19D:6 H:20
5 G Time: H:26H:12H:0H:13H:22H:34D:2 H:2D:3D:4 H:7D:6 H:2
6 G Time: H:23H:11H:0H:12H:20H:31H:46D:2 H:18D:3 H:22D:5 H:14
7 G Time: H:22H:10H:0H:11H:19H:29H:42D:2 H:13D:3 H:15D:5 H:4
Light Time: M:6M:1M:0M:1M:4M:10M:22M:46H:1 M:34H:3 M:10

Note: G Times indicate slot-mainworld travel times on date --1--. Bodies at apogee vs. the mainworld may require up to 2X the stated travel time.

Imperial Time: Start Slot:Dest Slot:Accel:

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