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What is the purpose of this site?

The original motivation for developing the mapper was to assist me in organizing information for my Traveller campaign.  Once I had created the engine to read and display this data however, it struck me that it might be useful to others who play Traveller as well.  With some slight modifications to the database engine, I found that it was fairly simple to create a "standard" version of the map data, and also allow a customized version of the same data to be available for my own uses.  The atlas web site serves up the public data, and I have a private site underneath with my own version of the universe.

How does it work?

The map program basically parses and interprets DGP format sector files, and then displays them in graphical form.  Each sector or subsector map image is dynamically generated, eliminating the need to store large image files for every sector and subsector.  Since the data is generated upon request, it is also possible to provide customized map data to users (although this feature is currently not exploited to any great extent yet).  In addition to map information, notes and images can be associated to the worlds via a SQL table.  When world data is displayed, the table is searched for specific information on that system.  Currently the note data is fairly sparse, but I would like to expand the database to include library information or perhaps references to Traveller material that provide information on the world.

How accurate/canonical is the map data?

In short, I'm not sure.  The data files come from various public domain repositories for raw sector data, which include the original DGP sector files, and files contributed by Traveller enthusiasts.  No attempt has (yet) been made to ensure that the data follows the Traveller Canon, or even that it represents the same Mileu.  That being said, I would guess that it's accurate enough for the casual user, but perhaps not the true Traveller historian or astrographer.   If there is a publicly available source of data that is more accurate or consistent, I will be happy to update things accordingly.  Some of the system data such as detailed world statistics, orbital data for other worlds in the system, etc. is not canonical (since this data is not usually available for most systems in any published Traveller material).  To create this data, I use a pseudo-random generation process that generally follows GURPS Traveller: First-In and/or DGP's Grand Survey procedures.

What are the future plans for the site?

I have several ideas for enhancements, limited mostly by time to carry them out.  I would like to expand on the database by adding more Xboat, trade, and other routes.  (The mapper supports route displays, but currently only Solomani Rim has Xboat routes shown).  I would also like to improve the note database to include a few lines on each world in commonly used sectors, such as Spinward Marches or Solomani Rim.  I am also thinking of adding more customizeable map features, such as allowing users to have a profile so they can create their own personal maps, or mark out maps with routes, etc.  (This is a feature I have developed for the private side of the site that could be made public.)  I am also in the process of expanding world and system information to include more statistics and information created from the Traveller world generation rules.

I'm sure the best ideas though are still out there, and I would love to hear suggestions.  Please feel free to send me any (constructive) ideas for improvements you have.

Ned Utzig

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