The Interactive Atlas
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13-Mar-06 Note to Fans of the IAI - Thanks to everyone for the kind words and use of this site.  I'm happy it's been of use to  all of you over the years.  Apologies for the various service interruptions and problems over the past few months, these came as a result of switching host services.   Most of these have been resolved, although the SQL DB query related items have not.  There are still features I'd like to develop and things I'd like fix here, but at this point in time I would like to move on to work on new projects.  Recent technology changes such as Javascript/Ajax, Ruby on Rails, etc. have left this site in the dust to a certain degree, I'm hoping to begin playing with these as part of a new project, unrelated to the Atlas work.  If and when I get something going I will announce any developments here.  (I do not like to pre-announce unfinished projects since in many cases, they never get completed!) 

In any event this site will remain online in maintenance mode for the forseeable future.  There are other map sites out there now that have taken the concept even further, I would recommend for instance this slick Google-like map server by Joshua Bell:

Thanks again for all the support and encouragement. Happy Travelling!
Ned Utzig (ned at utzig dot com)

Welcome to the Interactive Atlas of the Imperium, a Traveller Map Server that enables web-based browsing and searching of Sectors, SubSectors, and Worlds of the Imperium.  Please select from one of the following:

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